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    Energy and Climate Academy

    CCUS Course: Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage - Physical Course 23rd of April 2024

    CCUS Course: Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage - Physical Course 23rd of April 2024

    This course is conducted in English. 23. apr. 2024 09.00 - 23. apr. 2024 16.00

    Classroom training (Physical classroom)

    Venue: Bragesgade 10c, København, Region Hovedstaden, DK, 2200

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    Mastering CO2 - Carbon Capture, Utilization, Storage and Transport

     23rd of April 2024 from 09:00 to 16:00 in Copenhagen

    Comprehensive Insights during 1 full day into the Processes, Technologies, Environmental Impacts, and Business Models of CO2 Management

    As the global business landscape evolves, it’s crucial to address carbon emissions while also embracing opportunities for innovation and growth.

    The "(CCUS) Course” is designed to empower forward-thinking companies with the knowledge, strategies, and tools needed to navigate the complexity of carbon management while unlocking substantial business prospects.

    This course goes beyond traditional learning, creating a collaborative environment for interactive education. It is tailored for companies ready to align their operations with CO2 targets and harness emerging business opportunities. The program thoroughly covers carbon capture, transportation, utilization, and storage.

    Apart from in-depth lectures, the course will offer plenty of opportunities for interactive participation, including dedicated time for Q&A sessions, discussions, and video content that provides practical insights into CCUS implementation and its impact.

    Why attend this course?

    Join this course to gain exclusive access to a thorough overview of CCUS. This program not only enhances your knowledge but also enables you to discover valuable business opportunities in carbon management, a rapidly growing field. Additionally, you'll have the chance to connect with like-minded individuals from various industries, building relevant connections for future collaborations and growth.

    Read more about the course below.

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    Course details

    Course objectives

    • Understand the urgency of carbon management and its transformative potential.
    • Evaluate efficient carbon capture technologies.
    • Identify and capitalize on business opportunities in CO₂ utilization.
    • Develop expertise in secure carbon storage and transportation methods.
    • Recognize strategic advantages in environmental responsibility and adapt to market changes for sustainable growth.

    Learning objectives / course content

    1. Context: Why CCS
    • Grasp the urgency of carbon management considering climate imperatives.
    • Delve into the transformative potential of CCS in reshaping environmental stewardship and business strategies.

    2. Carbon Capture Technologies
    • Navigate the spectrum of cutting-edge CO₂ capture methodologies.
    • Evaluate the viability, adaptability, and cost-efficiency of diverse capture technologies.
    • Site visit to see the amine Carbon Capture plant at Amager Bakke

    3. Utilization Business Opportunities
    • Unveil the untapped potential within CO₂ utilization and product innovation.
    • Unearth strategic sectors and business models primed for sustainable growth through CO₂ utilization.

    4. Storage Technologies
    • Probe the depths of secure and sustainable underground CO₂ storage.
    • Develop insights into geological storage sites, storage capacity assessments, and best practices.

    5. Transportation Strategy
    • Strategize seamless and eco-conscious CO₂ transportation methods.
    • Address logistical challenges, infrastructural considerations, and regulatory compliance.

    6. Business Cases
    • Examine real-world examples showcasing successful CCS integration.
    • Compelling business cases that fuse financial gains and emissions reduction.

    Target group

    This course is designed for executives, managers, decision-makers, engineers, technicians, and anyone who wants to learn about CO₂. It is particularly suitable for companies aligning their operations with CO₂ targets and taking advantage of the expanding range of carbon management opportunities.


    • Certificate issued by Energy and Climate Academy


    Ivar Moltke


    Bragesgade 10c, København, Region Hovedstaden, DK, 2200

    • Lasse Kristensen, Project Manager, Artelia

      As a project manager, this course provided great insight into the technologies and possibilities in the exciting world of CCUS. The course introduces the attendees to, not only, current technologies but also upcoming technologies. The course is great to give a generalist the tools and knowledge to participate in otherwise complex discussions.

    • Frederik Ohms, Energy Consultant, Artelia

      This course gave a thorough run-through of the existing and emerging technologies in the exciting field of carbon capture and storage, which prompted discussion and the sharing of knowledge across industries. Through this, the course provided me with an understanding of the many challenges facing CCUS, shedding light on how this industry and these technologies need to develop and mature to fulfil their vital role in the green transition.