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    Maritime Anti Corruption Course for Agents

    Maritime Anti Corruption Course for Agents

    This course in conducted in English

    E-learning module (can be run offline) og Works well on satellite connection

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    Corruption drains resources and has huge financial costs for the industry. Corruption incurs several indirect costs through unfair competition, inefficiency at ports and by undermining efficient trade. It also has a heavy psychological toll on affected maritime professionals and associated with insecurity, criminality, and other forms of corruption at both sea and land.

    Working as a ships agent you typically support Captains, Crew, Owners or other with an interest in the vessels safe and smooth handling and interaction with for example authorities.

    This course is for you, as it will assist you in rejecting or mitigating corrupt demand you might experience.

    Get instant access to the course - upon purchase you will recieve an email with login and access code to the learning platform.

    Why Take This Course?

    Taking this course doesn’t only enhance your knowledge; it also signals your commitment to business integrity and compliance with anti-corruption laws. By doing so, you can earn the trust of partners, clients, customers, and authorities alike.


    You will also get posters you can print with "Tips & Tricks to Reject and Mitigate Corrupt Demands".

    The course fee includes access to the course for one person on the go.aprendio.io platform. The course can be run offline on the Aprendio app. Note it works on Android - however this specific course will not run on iOS.


    Upon successful completion of the course, MACN issues a certificate of completion.

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    Course details

    Course objectives

    The course is significant step forward in terms of improving the corruption free maritime industry. This course will illustrate the central corruption issues that MACN with member and governments around the world is fighting.

    Learning objectives / course content

    This course will give you a better understanding of corruption and key concepts within international anti-corruption laws.

    It will also show you some typical scenarios that you, and the captain you are supporting might encounter. It will teach you how to act and how to empower the captain to reject corrupt demands.

    Facilitation payments are small payments in cash or in kind made for a service to which you have a legal right or other entitlement.

    At the end of the course there will be a test to evaluate your knowledge gained from the course.

    Target group

    Agents, representatives assisting the vessels master and crew collaborating with local authorities, terminals, operators etc.


    • Certificate issued by Aprendio


    This module has been designed by the Maritime Anti-Corruption Network.
    MACN is a global business network that works towards eliminating corruption in the maritime industry. It was established in 2011 and consists of over 190 companies from different segments of the maritime industry who are collectively taking action to limit the extent of corruption in the sector. MACN collaborates with governments, civil society organizations, and other stakeholders to promote transparency and integrity in the maritime sector as well as to put an end to bribery and other forms of corruption that impact the efficiency and sustainability of the global maritime supply chain.

    Course length

    Less than 1 hour (digital learning)

    • Jakov Karmelić, FONASBA Vice President for Education

      I believe that the online course is very informative, with a good theoretical background and interactive with concrete examples from practice. Of course, there is also a quiz at the end to test your knowledge.

      I recommend it to all agents and brokers, because they will refresh their knowledge and get useful tips and recommendations for working in different situations.