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    Energy and Climate Academy

    World Offshore Wind Market (OW - Module B)

    World Offshore Wind Market (OW - Module B)

    This course in conducted in English og Subtitles (different languages). -

    E-learning module (can be run offline)

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    • Niels Frederik Malskær, Energy Advisor, Danish Energy Agency

      "The ’Offshore Wind Introduction’ course offered a good basic understanding of many of the most relevant topics, with real experts and a modern platform. The course offered a great technical, commercial and regulatory introduction to the complex topic of offshore wind. After completing the course, I feel much more able to participate in professional discussions about offshore wind."

    • Urtė Daškevičiūtė, Lithuanian Wind Energy Association

      "The course was very beneficial and perfectly composed to individuals who want to understand the concepts of the offshore wind industry. It was informative, easy to understand and engaging. Thank you!"

    • Mads R. Druedahl Project Manager Nissens

      “As a newly appointed Project Manager the course was very helpful understanding the wind industry. The lecturers were experienced and inspiring in a relaxed way. The knowledge I got is helping me talking to col­leagues and customers”

    • Kristin Monsen Lystad Vice President HR & Administration OLYMPIC SHIPPING

      “During the course we gained an understanding of the wind market, how the turbins work, technical data and also experiences from the industry so far. Experienced and skilled teachers gave us an useful insight to the wind industry and the systems related to it. We are pleased with the choice of Energy & Climate Academy to hold an in-house course for us.”

    • Sabrina Petersen Coordinator Engineering LM Wind

      “Participating in the course gave me a solid technical understanding of the wind industry and the systems related to it”

    • Adam Piotrowski Communication and administration support BIC Group

      “As a newcomer to the wind industry, the course gave me a kick-start into my new job in a quick and effective way. My understanding of the mechanisms and challenges of the sector is now much deeper.”

    • Finn Kjelstrup Coordinator/Project Manager Northsea Offshore Service Group

      “During the course i have gained a much better understanding of the processes, that lies behind the establishment of a wind farm and the significance of the wind electricity in the modern energy world”

    • Joe Andersen Senior Consultant JA Inter-Trade

      "With a background and years of experience in the electrical drive train of Wind turbines, it was really interesting to get updated on the rest of the parts needed to build a wind turbine, how to select the right wind site and to get market information and expectations from experts. This course gave me the insight and the lecturers were inspiring and very experienced."