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    CCUS - Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage Course (online learning)

    CCUS - Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage Course (online learning)

    This course in conducted in English and Subtitles (different languages)

    E-learning module (can be run offline)

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    Explore in-depth insights into Processes, Technologies, Environmental Impacts, and Business Models of CO2 Management. As the global business landscape evolves, addressing carbon emissions becomes crucial for innovation and growth – The choices we make today regarding sustainable practices significantly influence our future on the planet.

    Enrol in the "Carbon Capture Ulization and Storage (CCUS) Course" Acquire knowledge, strategies, and tools to navigate carbon management complexities, unlocking substantial business prospects. This course fosters collaboration beyond traditional learning and is tailored for companies aligning with CO2 targets, covering capture, transportation, utilization, and storage comprehensively.

    Complete the course at your own pace on Aprendio's platform or through our iOS/Android app.

    The estimated time to finish the course is 8 hours.

    Get instant access - upon purchase, you will receive an email with a login and access code to our learning platform." Seize the opportunity for growth and innovation in carbon management."

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    Course details

    Course objectives

    By the end of the CCUS course, participants will have the knowledge and skills to:

    - Acquire a deep understanding of the complete carbon management cycle.
    - Recognize the urgency of carbon management and its transformative potential for businesses.
    - Evaluate and choose efficient carbon capture technologies based on adaptability and cost-effectiveness.
    - Identify and capitalize on business opportunities in CO₂ utilization.
    - Demonstrate expertise in secure carbon storage and transportation methods.
    - Recognize strategic advantages in environmental responsibility and adapt to market changes for sustainable growth.

    These outcomes are designed to empower participants with the necessary insights and skills to navigate the complexities of carbon capture, utilization, and storage, contributing to their ability to make informed decisions and drive positive change within their respective organizations or fields.

    Learning objectives / course content

    The in-depth lessons will cover:

    Module A - Context: Why CCS: Grasp the significance of carbon management and its impact on business and the environment, including CCUS market trends.
    Module B - Carbon Capture Technologies: Explore diverse CO₂ capture methods, their efficiency, adaptability, and cost.
    Module C - CO₂ Utilization: Understand CO₂ utilization in sustainable business, including Power-to-X applications.
    Module D - Storage Technologies: Learn about innovative CO₂ storage solutions, geological storage, and best practices.
    Module E - Transportation Strategy: Investigate CO₂ transportation methods, addressing environmental impacts and regulatory compliance.
    Module F - Business Cases: Study real-world CCS applications, and their financial and environmental impacts.

    Target group

    Ideal for business professionals from Private and Public Sectors: energy analysts, energy specialists, energy consultants, sustainability managers, and others who help manage a company’s energy consumption, impacts, and costs. Government relations specialists, energy policy advisors, energy regulatory consultants, energy compliance officers, and others seeking to navigate the clean energy landscape.


    • Certificate issued by Energy and Climate Academy


    Ivar Moltke: Innovator and Sustainability Leader

    Ivar Moltke is an accomplished innovator and sustainability advocate with a rich background in architecture, innovation management, and technology foresight. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, he is the Co-Founder and CTO of DecarbonICE, a groundbreaking technology with several patents for storing and transporting CO2.

    Course length

    8 hours or more (digital learning)

    • Frederik Ohms, Energy Consultant, Artelia

      This course gave a thorough run-through of the existing and emerging technologies in the exciting field of carbon capture and storage, which prompted discussion and the sharing of knowledge across industries. Through this, the course provided me with an understanding of the many challenges facing CCUS, shedding light on how this industry and these technologies need to develop and mature to fulfil their vital role in the green transition.

    • Lasse Kristensen, Project Manager, Artelia

      As a project manager, this course provided great insight into the technologies and possibilities in the exciting world of CCUS. The course introduces the attendees to, not only, current technologies but also upcoming technologies. The course is great to give a generalist the tools and knowledge to participate in otherwise complex discussions.

    • Lars Denta, Senior Director

      Last week I spent two great days getting a lot wiser on CCUS (Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage) at the Aprendio course Mastering CO2.

      If you - like I - are curious on some of the technologies at play, the magnitude of the challenge and potential solutions, I can certainly recommend the course which offered great insights on these points.