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    Energy and Climate Academy

    Power-to-X: A comprehensive exploration of technologies, from fundamentals to advanced applications, May 2nd 2024

    Power-to-X: A comprehensive exploration of technologies, from fundamentals to advanced applications, May 2nd 2024

    This course is conducted in English. May 2, 2024, 9:00 am - May 2, 2024, 4:00 pm

    Classroom training (Physical classroom)

    Venue: Copenhagen, venue to be confirmed

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    Welcome to the Power-to-X Technologies course, your gateway to unlocking the potential of green fuels and Power-to-X solutions! 

    Our comprehensive program delves deep into the processes, technologies, and challenges driving the Power-to-X landscape, equipping participants with essential knowledge and skills to lead the charge toward sustainable energy solutions. Whether you're a seasoned professional or new to Power-to-X, our course empowers you to define and achieve your company's objectives in this transformative arena. 

    With a focus on electrolysis processes, hydrogen properties, and green fuel production methodologies, participants become catalysts for positive change in the energy sector. 

    Join us in shaping the energy future and aligning with global sustainability goals. 

    Enrol today and embark on your journey towards a greener, more sustainable future!

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      Course details

      Course objectives

      • Understand Power-to-X technologies and business models.
      • Gain technical proficiency in electrolysis and hydrogen production.
      • Access industry insights and challenges.
      • Empower participants for sustainability.
      • Align with global CO2 reduction goals.

      Learning objectives / course content

      1. Introduction to Power-to-X
      • Understand Power-to-X and its role in energy transition.
      • Identify challenges and current projects in Denmark.

      2. Water Electrolysis for Hydrogen Production
      • Learn fundamentals and safety in water electrolysis.
      • Compare electrolyzer types and consider efficiency.

      3. Power-to-Liquid Fuels
      • Explore methods for green fuel production.
      • Recognize industrial applications and growth potential.

      4. Biogas-to-X and Carbon Capture
      • Understand methanation and renewable methane.
      • Explore carbon capture integration and CO2 utilization.

      5. Power-to-X Case Studies and Practical Applications
      • Analyze real-world projects and lessons.
      • Assess current challenges and research in Power-to-X.

      6. Future Prospects and Course Summary
      • Discuss Power-to-X's role in industry decarbonization.
      • Summarize course insights and future implications.

      Target group

      • Engineers and scientists in chemical, electrical, and material engineering.
      • Project developers in the green energy sector.
      • Service technicians and grid operators.
      • Policymakers and government officials involved in energy policy.
      • Investors and financial analysts financing Power-to-X projects.
      • Students and academics focusing on renewable energy.
      • Safety, quality, and risk personnel in green fuels and hydrogen sectors.


      • Certificate issued by Energy and Climate Academy


      Michael Kolling Hansen
      Energy Engineer at Process Engineering A/S.
      With an M.Sc in engineering in chemistry from DTU, specializing in High-Temperature PEM Fuel Cells & Electrolyzers, Battery chemistry/technology, Hydrogen production & storage, and General electrochemistry, Michael brings over eight years of expertise in Power-to-X technologies across various roles. His experience spans research, market analysis, business development, materials testing, and consultancy in renewable energy process engineering.


      Copenhagen, venue to be confirmed