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    FORCE Technology

    Energy Efficient Ship Handling for Navigators

    Energy Efficient Ship Handling for Navigators

    This course in conducted in English

    E-learning module (can be run offline) and Works well on satellite connection

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    Welcome to the energy efficient ship handling course. In this e-learning course you will learn about basic manoeuvring theory and manoeuvring strategy.

    The course consists of 18 sections related to manoeuvring of ships.. The length and complexity of the sections differ considerably.

    Each section of the course ends with a test. This ensures the trainee can be certain that all the theory has been understood.

    The last section of the course concerns manoeuvring strategy. This chapter sums up the theory in a practical context.

    The course ends with a comprehensive test upon the completion of all the sections. The trainee is required to pass the test in order to obtain a course certificate.

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    Course details

    Course objectives

    The objective of the course is:

    To teach the participants manoeuvring theory and manoeuvring strategy in order for them to gain a basic understanding of manoeuvring theory and manoeuvring strategy corresponding to STCW Table A-II Manoeuvre and handle a ship in all conditions, except, however items 17 and 18 , as well as notice “Skibsmanøverring for loser”, “BEK nr. 1077 af 21/11/2012” (Danish Maritime Authority).

    Learning objectives / course content

    You will learn about the following subjects:
    Pivot point
    Bank effect
    Rate of turn

    Target group

    Target group:
    The course is targeted at navigators in the merchant fleet and pilots, primarily senior officers and pilots manoeuvring vessels.

    Qualifications of the participants:
    The minimum qualification for participants is a navigational education corresponding to STCW Table A-II/1. In the course number of maritime terms and expressions are used which we assume the participants to be familiar with.


    • Certificate issued by Aprendio


    Captain Carl Thue Rabjerg, Main Author
    Captain Torben Solmer
    Captain Jens Tommerup
    Captain Robert Smyth
    Chief Engineer Allan Walbum

    Course length

    1 to 3 hours (digital learning)