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    Suez Canal - Safe Transit Course

    Suez Canal - Safe Transit Course

    This course in conducted in English

    E-learning module (can be run offline) and Works well on satellite connection

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    The Suez Canal stands as a pivotal link in the global supply chain, underscoring its irreplaceable role. The disruptive events of 2021, triggered by the grounding of the Ever Given container vessel, magnify its indispensable significance.

    Tailored for captains, navigators, vessel operators, and managers, our comprehensive course equips you with the essential skills and knowledge for a secure transit through the Suez Canal .

    Key Features:

    • Strategic Preparations: Gain insights into specific preparations crucial for a successful Suez Canal transit.

    • Bridge Team Setup: Learn guidelines for assembling and organizing your bridge team effectively.

    • Safe Navigation Protocols: Navigate the Suez Canal safely with expert guidance throughout the entire transit.

    • Bank Effect Mastery: Understand the influence of the bank effect and adopt effective strategies to respond to and prevent incidents related to it.

    Course Highlights:

    • In-depth coverage of the Suez Canal 's vital role in the global supply chain.

    • Real-life incidents analyzed for actionable insights.

    • Approximate completion time: 2 hours.


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    Course details

    Course objectives

    To teach participants the basic concepts of Bridge Resource Management (BRM) and dedicated Ship handling theory and strategy to ensure a safe transit of the Suez Canal with megaships.

    Learning objectives / course content

    Preparation for Suez transit - This module describes the necessary preparations before a ship enters the Suez Canal, including an introduction to the whole course.

    Bridge Resource Management (BRM) in connection to transiting Suez - Safe watchkeeping and efficient Bridge Resource Management is a key factor in a safe Suez transit. This module describes good BRM in relation to Suez transit.

    Bank effect - It is very important that the bridge crew knows how to prevent and mitigate bank effects. This module explains the theory behind bank effects and gives instructions on how to spot and cope with bank effects.

    Test - Complete the course by taking the final test. The test must be completed in order to get the certificate of completion.

    Target group

    The course is targeted at navigators passing the Suez Canal with megaships, as well as operators and managers with vessels transiting the Suez Canal.


    • Certificate issued by Aprendio


    Captain Carl Thue Rabjerg, FORCE Technology

    Course length

    1 to 3 hours (digital learning)

    • Captain Iqbal Khan, Hafnia BW Tankers

      The course objective and scope are quite clear in refreshing and educating the ship handling skills required for navigating the Suez canal and narrow channel passages.

      The Suez Canal Safe Trasit course is a good initiative and an interesting course to learn the finer aspects of transit, correlating theory with practice.