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    Energy and Climate Academy

    Offshore Wind and Wave Energy Synergies (Full Course)

    Offshore Wind and Wave Energy Synergies (Full Course)

    This course in conducted in English and Subtitles (different languages)

    E-learning module (can be run offline)

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    Embark on an enlightening journey as our comprehensive course delves into the economic and technical advantages of merging offshore wind and wave energy on unified platforms or locations. Gain insights into the market status of hybrid technologies, with a special focus on the Floating Power Plant and Wave Dragon. Analyze synergies through a North Sea-based case study, exploring how these resources complement each other. Explore multi-use platforms' role in harnessing renewable energies and hosting tourism and aquaculture.

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    The course features two live webinars, 6 pre-recorded lessons covering 8 hours of intense information, and expert insights from our distinguished lecturers:

    Julia F. Chozas: Chief lecturer, PhD in Civil Engineering - Marine Energies, with vast experience in collaboration with, Iberdrola Ingeniería y Construcción, DONG Energy, and more.

    Peter Scheijgrond: Director of Bluespring, chairman of the Dutch Energy from Water Association, an independent specialist in marine energy technologies with a diverse clientele.

    Hans Christian Sørensen: Chairman of the board at Wave Dragon ApS, contributing to the development of MW-sized wave technology, and CEO of SPOK ApS, specializing in renewable energy and environmental technologies.

    Sarah Thomas: Head of Technology at Floating Power Plant, bringing over a decade of experience in offshore renewable energy and expertise in ocean modeling and analysis.

    Erik Friis-Madsen: Managing Director of Wave Dragon ApS, a seasoned consultant engineer with 40 years of experience, founder of the Danish Society of Wave Energy, and member of various boards and projects in the wave energy sector.

    The course encompasses in-depth lessons covering the synergies of offshore wind and wave energy, technologies combining wind and wave production, combined offshore wind energy farms, wave energy converter arrays, the role of multi-use platforms, and insights into Floating Power Plant and Wave Dragon technologies.

    Don't miss the chance to access 6 pre-recorded lessons, totaling 8 hours of valuable information. Enroll now to elevate your knowledge and skills in the combined realms of offshore wind and wave energy. Upon successful completion, receive a certificate of completion from Aprendio, validating your expertise in this dynamic field.

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    Course details

    Course objectives

    Learning objectives / course content

    The course aims at introducing the economic and technical advantages in combining offshore wind and wave energy in the same structure and/or location.

    The course will present the market status of hybrid technologies and touch upon certification. A special insight will be given to two hybrid technologies: Floating Power Plant and Wave Dragon. The synergies in combining both resources will be analysed through a techno-economic case study based in North Sea waters, where the course attendant will have the opportunity to understand how both resources complement each other in time and in space.

    The role of multi-use platforms, able to harness renewable energies and host tourism attractions and aquaculture facilities will also be addressed.

    The case of Middelgrunden Wind Farm will exemplify the combination of wind production and tourism. Lastly, the technological and financial barriers and projections for a combined wind and wave mix will be also analysed.

    Target group

    The course is aimed at people targeting to harvest the potential in wind and wave multi purpose platforms.

    The course offers a general and comprehensive introduction the technologies and their potential. Target group includes business development, maritime staff, seafarers (officers), planners, developers, agents, ministries, equipment manufacturers (OEMs), suppliers, consultancies, contractors, etc.

    Job roles could be operational, administration, sales and marketing, engineering, finance, law, technical, research and development, etc. Participants do not need a specific educational background.


    • Certificate issued by Energy and Climate Academy


    Julia F Chozas
    Wiebke Langreder
    Erik Friis Madsen
    Peter Scheijgrond
    Hans Christian Sørensen
    Sarah Thomas

    Course length

    8 hours or more (digital learning)